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Modern Carpet Tools Peakless Seam Tape


Our Family

ourfamilyFernand Sergerie, a professional carpet installer founded Modern Carpet Tools Ltd. Fern, as his family and friends call him, is known to be passionate man and somewhat of innovator. It was these characteristics that led Fern to seek improvements to the tools and accessories that are used within his trade. His first innovation and patent was the Concord Power Stretcher Adapter. It was this initial product that was responsible for the formation and incorporation of Modern Carpet Tools Ltd. in 1974. In 1992, Modern Carpet Tools Ltd. followed up with an additional patent that was in response to carpet peaking problems at the seam.¬†Fern’s¬†invention, a Peakless Seam Tape, was later named Concord 2000. With this one invention, Modern Carpet Tools Ltd. expanded their manufacturing process to include a hot melt seaming tape. Fern, who has just recently turned 92, has since passed the reigns onto his sons who have walked in their dads footsteps (albeit on new carpet ) all of their lives.

Robert Sergerie closely followed Fern’s career path and it was Robert’s guidance and years of installation practices that formed the basis for developing the Concord 2000 & 1100 carpet seaming tape. Robert’s first hand knowledge was applied to ensure that all carpet seaming products would meet the highest standards for the industry. To ensure that standards were exceeded, Robert developed and implemented a testing regiment that exceeded any real world conditions, resulting in an over-engineered carpet seaming tape that will get the job done.

Luc Sergerie is responsible for marketing Modern Carpeting Tools’ seaming tape and establishing distribution worldwide. When Modern Carpeting Tools began manufacturing 15 years ago, their market was limited to the local region. Today, Modern Carpet Tools’ seaming tape is being distributed through Carpet Retailer and/or Installation centers worldwide. Luc, the principle spokesman for the company, welcomes all enquiries. As Luc would say, “MCT. LTD was developed not from the corporate seat of boardroom, but from our families life long experience handling and installing carpet. I welcome all industry trade people to forward your questions to me through our online forms. “I will address all of your questions and look forward to adding your name to our growing list of professional trades people who use our product.”

Modern Carpet Tools Corporate Philosophy

Modern Carpet Tools was founded and based on providing the flooring mechanic the best ancillary supplies for the job. Our goal has always been to manufacture a quality seaming tape product that we think is the best in the industry. We at Modern Carpet Tools have set high standards and expectations, we have made a corporate decision that all manufacturing facilities will remain in North America. Modern Carpet Tools will never compromise quality and consistency at the sake of saving a few dollars. To ensure that our products are meeting the highest standards we have implemented a rigorous manufacturing testing program that batch tests the seaming tape roles as they are manufactured.